Times and Democrat: McCain knows about personal sacrifices

March 16, 2007

An editorial in Friday’s Orangeburg Times and Democrat boldly proclaims that, “Senator [John McCain] stands firm on Iraq – as he stood firm in captivity 34 years ago.” The piece links McCain’s service and sacrifice with his strength and experience in dealing foreign policy issues.

McCain knows about consequences – and it should not go unnoted that his speech [to the International Association of Fire Fighters, in which he discussed the War in Iraq] came on a significant day.

Retired Marine Lt. Col. Orson Swindle writes: “Thirty-four years ago today, on March 14, 1973, John McCain and hundreds of other prisoners of war were released from Hanoi and began the trip home. My repatriation from Hanoi was a week earlier, having been shot down a year before John. I will never forget the feeling of relief and joy upon stepping into an American aircraft with my fellow countrymen to begin that journey home.”

The senator is at odds with popular opinion but refuses to waiver. He’s done so before, in very difficult circumstances.

Whether the next president or not, McCain is an American leader to be respected for his assessment and thanked for his significant personal sacrifice.

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