Polls show strong McCain lead in SC, NH, IA

March 24, 2007

McCain S.C. reported last Sunday that Sen. John McCain held a seven point lead in South Carolina over ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The Politico’s Jonathan Martin Friday covered a new poll by the American Research Group showing similar McCain leads in New Hampshire and Iowa.

In Iowa, ARG now has McCain and Rudy tied at 29%… McCain leads Giuliani 39%-30% among Independents in the Hawkeye State.

In New Hampshire, ARG has McCain at 23% to Rudy’s 19%. Among Indepdenents there — the folks who powered the maverick to victory in the 2000 New Hampshire primary — McCain’s lead over Rudy grows to 33%-22%.

McCain’s strong polling in New Hampshire (the first primary state), Iowa (the first caucus state) and South Carolina (the first southern primary state) solidifies his “frontrunner” status. The numbers show that McCain’s grassroots campaign is resonating with voters in the three states with the most influence in determining the GOP nominee.

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  1. Well McCain is polling terribly on a national level but I guess when you look at the dates of the early three primaries/caucuses it really doesn’t matter what national polls say. Giuliani and romney are pro abortion and dont sell in south Carolina. Add in iowa and New HAmpshire and mccain wins.

    It is a long way off but its hard to see how giuliani and romney can comeback being as liberal or Mormon as they are.

  2. Ellory,

    Romney is definitely pro-life and pro-family values. He vetoed every pro-choice bill that crossed his desk in Massachusetts. He out flanked the liberals by stating that he wouldn’t change the abortion laws as Governor even though running at the time as pro-choice.

    Everyone knows that the the end to Roe v. Wade is through judges and true conservatives will remember who advocated the “Gang of Fourteen” and what that did to the hopes of some of the best and brightest potential federal judges.

    Even though McCain labels himself as pro-life, he can’t spin his record to be any stronger than a mere bystander to the cause.

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