Ravenel endorsement smells like burnt waffles, lacks maple syrup

April 4, 2007


Both The State’s official blog – “S.C. Politics Today” – and Dan Hoover of The Greenville News have reported that first-term South Carolina State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel will endorse former-mayor Rudy Giuliani’s bid for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination at a Thursday morning press conference. This struck us as very odd given that Ravenel was elected on a conservative, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage platform – which stands in complete opposition to Giuliani’s record.


Giuliani’s past favoritism for abortion is notorious. Just yesterday we posted yet another YouTube video revealing the “real,” very much pro-abortion, Rudy Giuliani.

So why is Ravenel – who has marched in anti-abortion rallies and attacked Democrats over the issue countless times – aiding a pro-abortion candidate? From the April 25, 2004 edition of The State:

Another Republican candidate, Charleston developer Thomas Ravenel, has attacked Democratic candidate state Education Superintendent Inez Tenenbaum on the issue.
Tenenbaum opposes partial-birth abortion but has lobbied for pro-choice groups in the past.

Ravenel also supported a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage.

Former state Attorney General Charlie Condon, U.S. Rep. Jim DeMint, Charleston developer Thomas Ravenel, and former Gov. David Beasley said they support a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Ravenel said he supports amendment legislation sponsored by Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, R-Colo., which defines marriage as between one man and one woman and allows state legislatures to have the final say on related issues.

Giuliani on the other hand has said that he’s perfectly comfortable with the “pro-gay marriage tag.” The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza noted:

In the back and forth of a competitive primary campaign, Giuliani’s liberal (by GOP standards) positions on abortion and gay marriage are sure to become common knowledge to Republican voters. For many of these voters, outlawing abortion and gay marriage are at the foundation of why they are Republicans, and they simply will not support a candidate who does not agree with them on those hot-button issues — no matter how revered that person may be in other spheres.

And we won’t even get into Giuliani’s anti-gun rights record.

What the heck is Ravenel thinking?

There are a few scenarios here. Ravenel could be trying to slip one by the conservative base that elected him; with the hope that if the Giuliani bandwagon miraculously begins to writhe – inch by tiny inch – out of the stall, he can ride it far enough to temporarily fulfill his ambitions for higher office.

Ravenel could also be trying to re-position himself for a likely – unsuccessful – 2008 U.S. Senate campaign.

Or perhaps Ravenel flat-out lied to voters to get elected. Maybe the “real” Ravenel, like the “real” Rudy, is pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and anti-gun rights.

But it is also possible that Ravenel just admires Giuliani and, as such, wants to imitate the man… by continuously changing his position on key issues.

Regardless, we doubt the conservative base will forgive Ravenel’s treachery assuming he does endorse Giuliani. No matter how he tries to spin it, by supporting Giuliani, Ravenel is arrogantly opposing the alter-ego he presented voters last fall; the one the people of South Carolina elected treasurer.

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  1. You guys will never learn. I’m not one to defend T-Rav, but this last campaign should have taught you that the same old wedge issues just won’t work anymore. You ought to be thinking about how to bring Americans together, rather than how can we be most polarized.

  2. So you can’t just attack Rudy, now you are attacking people who endorse him too?

  3. Well put Max and Pres.

  4. I am a conservative. I was a proud member of the RNC during the 2004 campaign. The blind support of illegal aliens (guest workers) by George Bush, John McCain and Lindsay Graham has shown me that they all have deserted the voters who put them in office. Unless a Republican comes out in favor of strictly enforcing our existing immigration laws and deporting all illegals immediately, I will have to support another party.

  5. As a social conserative and member of the Christian right…I can put my personal issues aside for a man that WANTS to run the federal government properly, and efficiently.

    Our government is totaly broken…if we do not repair it soon, what difference will the “wedge” issues mean?

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