2008 field long on war rhetoric, short on warriors

April 9, 2007


A well-written Associated Press article Monday weighed the influence of presidential candidate’s military background in the eyes of voters.

McCain Service

Despite the high-profile roles of the battle against terrorism and conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan in the presidential campaign, few of the candidates can claim military experience on their resumes.

Of the top tier of 2008 candidates, only Republican John McCain has been to war and served in uniform.

Among the leading Republican candidates, only McCain, 70, has a military record. The Arizona senator spent more than 20 years in the Navy, almost a quarter of it in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp.

This article re-examines – and perhaps reinforces – a number of the questions looming over the 2008 presidential election.

With America fighting a global war against terrorism, and while the War in Iraq is seen by the majority of voters as the most important issue in 2008, what role will military experience play in the upcoming South Carolina presidential primary? Do voters feel comfortable electing someone without military experience to lead the U.S. military during wartime?

It is interesting to note that only one person has ever won a presidential election during a time of war without having a military background.

Franklin Roosevelt was re-elected to his fourth term in 1944 when the U.S. was nearing victory in World War II. Roosevelt contracted polio in 1921 and was unable to offer military service.

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  1. How does it look on the ground where you are?


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