McCain cancels Lexington event out of respect for Va. Tech tragedy

April 16, 2007

We just received this statement via e-mail from the McCain S.C. campaign regarding Sen. John McCain’s schedule for tomorrow:

Unfortunately, due to the tragic events at Virginia Tech this morning, Senator McCain has decided to cancel his public schedule for Tuesday, April 17th, that includes the Town Hall Meeting previously scheduled for Lexington. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. Senator McCain has asked that we keep the families of those involved in our thoughts and prayers.



  1. […] received word already today that John McCain has cancelled his campaign events for today. We’ll get caught […]

  2. Longfellow said, courage is best defined as grace under pressue, and there is not one candidate in the field that is not a political chameleon. God bless John Mccain for his ability to stand firm against the candidates, mostly democrats, but not all that pander to the polls. Look at how Obama has attacked McCain and almost every other on the Democratic party ticket. Also, many on the Republican side attack him and fail to address the issue, must be a lack of courage. Basically McCain is bravely standing up against the anti-war rhetoric that caused low morale in the 1960’s and 70’s. Although he stands with the increase in troops, he understands war and would not wage it without deeply think it out. He is a true humanitarian as seen by his stances on many issues.

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