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A letter from John McCain…

March 28, 2007

Sent via e-mail to all of his supporters regarding government spending:

My Friend,

Since I announced my candidacy for President of the United States, I have worked hard to prove to voters that I am the only candidate who has the record, the leadership, and the courage to stand up to the wasteful spenders in Congress to ensure that America is lead in the right direction.

Last week, these pork-barrel spenders in the U.S. House of Representatives outdid themselves. Not only did they decide that they will dictate the future course of our military action in Iraq, they went even further by “buying” the extra votes necessary to pass this terrible, flawed legislation by adding more than $20 billion in wasteful spending. This bill would fund things like $74 million for peanut storage, $124 million for the shrimp industry and $25 million for spinach producers. What this funding is doing in an emergency war spending bill is a complete mystery to me!

My friend, if you agree with me that this is an egregious waste of your hard-earned tax dollars, I ask that you follow this link to join my campaign in standing up to say, “No More Wasteful Spending!”

For decades, I have condemned the practice of pork-barrel spending and fought to reform our broken system. Our goal of government reform is made even tougher by actions taken by the current Congressional majority. They are clearly determined to take America down a far different path than you and I want to see our great nation go.

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My friend, I am running for President to bring my record, leadership and courage to our nation’s highest office and I am asking for your support today. Our campaign is fast approaching a critical deadline. On March 31st, we will file our first FEC report of the year. Unfortunately, we cannot change the fact that this is how the press, political pundits and others will look at the financial and political momentum behind our campaign.

The truth is that I enjoy being on the campaign trail talking to the voters about their opinions much more than asking for money. But the reality of this presidential campaign is that it will take millions to win. I am determined to win and ask that join me in this effort by making an immediate contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,300 to ensure our campaign will post strong numbers five days from now. Your support is crucial to my candidacy.

I truly believe that the American people see this race for the White House as an historic turning point in our nation’s history. If we are to institute real government reform and get rid of the wasteful pork-barrel spending, we need the best person in the Oval Office to lead our reform agenda.

I believe that I am that person, and I look forward to the coming months, when I can continue proving this to the voters on the campaign trail. Thank you for your continued support.


McCain signature

John McCain

P.S. You have likely seen the reports of the latest egregious waste of your tax dollars to fund wasteful pork-barrel projects. The wasteful spenders have outdone themselves by trying to “buy” votes with over $20 billion in pork-barrel spending. My friend, if we are to put America on the right track, we need the best person to lead us from the Oval Office. I believe I am that person and I ask that you support my campaign today by making an online contribution. Our campaign is fast approaching our first big fundraising deadline on March 31st. I need your commitment today to get my message of government reform to the people. Thank you.

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McCain at CAGW’s “2007 Pig Book”

March 8, 2007

Sen. John McCain Wednesday spoke about the “2007 Congressional Pig Book,” released by the Citizens Against Government Waste. According to the CAGW, the book is “an annual compilation of all the pork-barrel projects in the federal budget.”

CAGW’s website features a complete database of projects, while the Pig Book Summary profiles the most egregious examples. Here’s a clip of McCain’s comments:

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